Health Coaching

Stay on track with your nutritional and body-weight goals with WellBarre Health Coaching Program. The program will provide you with menu-planning, tips, body weight and activity tracking, recipes, goal setting and health information.

Do I need a Health Coach?

The answer is “YES” if

  • you feel that your body weight won’t budge despite your best efforts;
  • you have a slowing metabolism, occasionally binge eat, or perhaps engage in patterns of emotional eating;
  • you have tried restricted calorie diets, tons of cardio-workouts, or even supplements, but to no avail.

You might be surprised to learn that the quality of your food, specific food combinations you eat, and the times of day you consume the bulk of your calories have the most impact on your body weight. There are foods that simply make us overweight despite how much we exercise, especially as we age.

A health coach can help you create a meal plan, prepare shopping lists, revamp fitness goals, and most of all offer guidance and support while holding you accountable. Do you suffer from emotional eating? A Health Coach can help you to breakthrough self-sabotaging behaviors, by identifying emotional triggers, and reducing stress and anxiety to stay healthy and break the vicious cycle of emotional eating.

What will I get if I sign up for health coaching?

  • Reduce cravings
  • Lose weight
  • Improved health, nutrition and increase energy
  • Stress-reduction, mindfulness techniques to deal with breaking the cycle of emotional eating
  • Meal planning and recipes

Leslie Miller is a Certified Health Coach (ACE) in Stoneham MA, and has worked for many years with women struggling with disordered eating, poor body-image and self-sabotaging behaviors as a licensed clinical social worker.

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