All classes offered at WellBARRE Pilates and Barre studio are appropriate for multi-levels. Classes can be modified for all fitness levels so that beginners can get foundation and advanced students are continuously challenged. At WellBARRE we offer both traditional Pilates Reformer classes and Ballet Barre classes as we believe that both modalities complement each other and help you reach your health and wellness goals faster.

We believe in small class sizes so that we can provide individualized approach and personal attention during every Pilates or Barre session. All Barre classes are limited to 10 participants and Reformer/Tower classes are limited to 3 participants, less than half of what other studios allow, as we are committed to personalized attention and maintaining the safety and effectiveness of each session for our clients.

Private Pilates Reformer Sessions

If you are new to Pilates we recommend that you start with an Introductory Private Pilates session to get familiarized with the apparatus and so that we can assess your needs and create the best plan to help you reach your wellness goals.

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A private session is a more customized workout tailored to fit your body’s individual needs. It can be a great place to start if you are new to Pilates, are a seasoned athlete, or are de-conditioned. Sessions can be modified for all levels so that clients are able to work at their own pace and to their fullest potential. Whether you are recovering from an injury or preparing for a marathon, private sessions will be uniquely designed for your personal training goals.

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Class Descriptions

Young girl during a Pilates Tower class at WellBarre Pilates in Stoneham MA

Pilates Reformer/Tower

All Levels classes are taught in trio sessions and are considered all levels unless otherwise specified. All classes incorporate apparatus if appropriate.
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pilates mat classes

Reformer with Pilates Mat

Joseph Pilates Classical Mat Series is incorporated into workouts for maximum results and to ensure proper form and alignment. The studio offers private mat sessions and workshops on learning Classical Pilates Mat with progression for those students who are interested in Pilates for the Mat.
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barre classes in stoneham

Reformer Ballet Barre Fusion

WellBarre Pilates offers unique fusion workouts to combine the best of ballet barre with Reformer and Jumpboard. Barre work is done standing at barre and on the equipment for an intense workout that will increase range of motion and flexibility. This is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that challenges the whole body.
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pilates carre classes stoneham

Pilates Barre Fusion

This class fuses Pilates Mat with Barre work for intense total-body conditioning. These dynamic classes help aid in the development of a lean, dancer-like body.
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Pilates Jumpboard class: two clients on Reformers using jumpboads

Jumpboard Pilates Class

Jumpboard is an excellent way to utilize Pilates Method in a safe effective interval and cardio workout, that promotes calorie and fat-burning for weight-loss /weight maintenance. Increase your heart-rate and get your sweat-on while protecting your joints in this high-intensity, low-impact workout. The Jumpboad is a padded surface that is easy on the back, knees, hips and ankles making it an excellent choice for a cardio workout. Fun, upbeat, fast-paced and rigorous!

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