Welcome to WellBARRE Pilates and Barre Studio! At WellBARRE our mission is to create an upbeat, fun and friendly studio that combines the classical foundations of Pilates and Ballet Barre, in an inspiring mind-body workout for everyone. We are a positive, motivating, welcoming and supportive space.

Our class sizes are small…and we plan to keep it that way! The minute you walk through the doors of our Stoneham Pilates studio you will be greeted with a smile and treated as a family. We want to get to know you personally and would love to be part of the healthy changes you have decided to make. Whether you are here because you love BARRE or PILATES, or you need significant lifestyle changes….we are here for you.

I started Pilates Reformer classes in April after reading a lot about Joseph Pilates and the science surrounding this type of exercise. I was hoping it would help me get back in shape having done nothing for a year. I had done some weight training in the past, as well as Barre, and TRX classes but none of these made a visible difference in the way I looked. I decided to take some measurements beforehand so that I would have a record of any changes that might occur as a result of starting with Pilates. After 6 weeks I lost an inch off my thighs, hips and waist., I have improved flexibility and balance. My posture is much improved and I feel terrific.

Leslie is committed to helping her students master the moves and I believe that is what makes her such an amazing teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable about the practice of Pilates and I feel this is what separates her from others out there.

~Joan B

I am glad that I set aside my own ill-conceived ideas on Pilates and walked through those doors and said hi to Leslie and the reformer. Not only do I get a great, fun workout in (the reformer is like an adult jungle gym) but I have also learned techniques for mind-body focus such as better breathing, focusing on valuing & using my core as my powerhouse and I am seeing muscle tone in places I did not before but most importantly I have an overall better relationship & appreciation for not only my body but the human body and all it can do!

~Crystal S.

Leslie Miller

Leslie Miller Pilates instructorLeslie Miller is the creator and founder of WellBarre Pilates. She studied dance and musical theatre for many years and combined her love of dance with fitness and wellness to create the studio. She has been working with clients to help them feel and look great for many years as a counselor, coach and fitness instructor. After many years of challenging hip and back injuries, Leslie discovered Pilates and barre workouts as a way to work through injuries, increase range of motion and get back into shape following pregnancy. She is a certified in Peak Pilates for the Mat, and comprehensively certified in Pilates Reformer. She holds a Certification in Ballet Barre through the International Ballet Barre Association (IBBA) with a certification in Pre/Post-natal Barre Fitness. She is AFFA Certified in Group Fitness and Health Coach (ACE). She has a Master’s Degree from Fordham University in Social Work. Leslie has a passion for helping clients regain optimal fitness and helping to motivate clients for lasting results and lifestyle changes.

Ali Evans

Ali Evans is a longtime Pilates enthusiast turned instructor! After searching for an effective way to care for her scoliosis, Ali discovered Pilates and was hooked. She began teaching Pilates and barre classes two years ago and considers herself a perpetual student. She is certified in mat and Reformer through STOTT Pilates, and has also been trained in barre, pre- and post-natal Pilates, injury modification, and continues to study and evolve her practice. In her spare time, Ali enjoys reading novels, playing guitar, and supporting the local music scene. Ali is passionate about helping her clients become stronger, happier and more present in their bodies and truly believes that movement heals.

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